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Genuine Yamaha Starter Ring Gear Kit (1200)

Genuine Yamaha Starter Ring Gear Kit (1200)


Part Number: 141 M

Full (3 Roller) Starter Ring Gear Kit, not worth even trying to skimp on this one, all parts necessary included, Ring gear, Mechanism, 3 new Screws and Alternator/Genny Gasket & Mid-Gear Gasket, and don't forget to heavily pein-over and locktite the 3 screws, as otherwise they WILL come loose!

You may need to consider purchasing the correct Flywheel Puller Tool Ref 69 otherwise you may damage the costly flywheel if trying to use the wrong type.

Genuine Yamaha Parts

Price: 420.00 ($529.20) Ex. VAT = 504.00 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.