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Silicone Water Coolant Hose Kit (Coloured)

Silicone Water Coolant Hose Kit (Coloured)


Part Number: 201 M

This is a 6 piece direct replacement silicone race specification coolant hose kit (as the 7th hose (filler neck to header bottle) is unseen). Great quality with ultra high burst rating and better heat dispersal make these an essential upgrade for any bike. Also great for custom show use.

Available in Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Green, Red, Purple all Gloss finish.

Price: 81.60 ($102.82) Ex. VAT = 97.92 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


  • Blue   
  • Black   
  • Green   
  • Orange   
  • Red   
  • Yellow   
  • Dark Purple