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Oil feed / Engine Saver Kit

Oil feed / Engine Saver Kit


Part Number: 261 M

New oval section 'O'-ring, and Sump Gasket kit.

Exactrep check:
Note: To check/know if your original oil pump 'o-ring' is holding or 'Blown' anytime, then simply place the bike on the centrestand, engine 'Off,' & check that the oil level is up to top level mark, start engine & watch that the engine oil level should 'drop' to around or below the 'Low' mark after & whilst running about 20 seconds, this means it's 'Good'. If it doesn't drop', then it means the oil is not going 'up-top', (just swashing it around the sump!) therefore the 'O-ring' has 'blown'.(Simple, just like the old 'brit-bikes').

Price: 22.44 ($28.27) Ex. VAT = 26.93 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.