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Yamaha Vmax V4 Wheel Rim Stickers

Part Number: 286 S

Wheel rim stickers for 15", 17" and 18" rims, set of 8 x pieces = 1 x bike

Price: 12.75 ($15.68) Ex. VAT = 15.30 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


Rain Cover

Part Number: 21M

polyester rain cover which is water resistant, blue top half and silver heat resistant aluminised lower section with anti-condensation ventilators and elasticated bottom seem, with tip-down grommets for securing with storage bag.
Fits on standard V-Max

Price: 35.70 ($43.91) Ex. VAT = 42.84 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


Universal LED Battery Level Gauge (1200)

Part Number: 231

The L.E.D. Battery Gauge is an array of L.E.D.'s indicating the operating voltage of the bikes electrical system. Green L.E.D.'s represent the normal operating range of your charging system, 12.5v to 14.5v.Amber L.E.D.'s warn the rider that the bike is not charging. If the reading drops below 10v or exceeds 15v, a flashing red L.E.D. will alert the rider of an impending stall or the possibility of damage to thebattery &/or sensitive electronic components on the motorcycle. Simple two-wire connection & a compact size (43mm x 25mm x 12mm) + Adhesive backed fitment.

Available in
Chrome: £76.50 ($) -- £91.80 Including VAT at 20%
Black: £61.20 ($) -- £73.44 Including VAT at 20%


Black 61.20 Exc. VAT
Chrome 76.50 Exc. VAT

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Mammoth Shackle Disc Lock

Part Number: 213 M

Thatcham Approved, CAT3 :-Pass No. TMC3-304-1207
11mm hardened chrome molybdenum alloy steel close shackle. All round metal shell. One piece hardened solid steel body. Double ball bearing locking mechanism. Anti-drill/anti-pull cylinder plate. Keyhole dustcover. 3 keys supplied.

Weight 1kg, (ideal for use in garage)
Size: 6.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"

Price: 51.00 ($62.73) Ex. VAT = 61.20 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


Mammoth Shackle U-lock

Part Number: 211 M

Designed to lock through the front discs or wheel and prevent a bike being wheeled away.
18mm covered hardened steel shackle
Anti-scratching shackle covering
Double locking mechanism bar
Weatherproof barrel cover
2 x keys
Actual internal sizes: 107mm x 265mm.

Note: fits tidily through the frame out of the way behind rear downs, easy carry position, see 'Click on'

Price: 36.72 ($45.17) Ex. VAT = 44.06 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


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Exactrep T-Shirt  Exactrep

Part Number: 164

100% cotton 'Fruit of the Loom' T-shirt, writing and bike are in white (not grey as pictured)

(for those of us that "Eat, Sleep, and Dream V-maxes", you may as well "wear it" !!)

Available in:
M = Chest 40" x 28" Long in Black
L = Chest 44" x 29" Long in Black
XL = Chest 46" x 30" Long in Black
XXL = Chest 48" x 31" Long in Black

Price: 8.50 ($10.46) Ex. VAT = 10.20 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


  • M   
  • L   
  • XL   
  • XXL   

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V-Max logo Women's Vest

Part Number: VV

3 x Small/Medium
2 x Medium/Large
3 x XLarge

2 x Small/Medium
4 x Medium/Large
2 x Xlarge

Price: 5.00 ($6.15) Ex. VAT = 6.00 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


  • Black   
  • White   

Dude & Tart T-shirt

Part Number: D&TT

Available in Black, White or Red.
Text reads on the Front: 'Come with me & within 3 seconds your knickers are gone' 'Dream on'
Text Reads on the Back: 'YEAH!'
(see 'click on')

2 x Small =36" - 38"
5 x Medium = 38" - 40"
8 x Large = 40" - 44"
9 x XLarge = 44" - 46"
7 x XXLarge = 48" - 50"
1 x XXXLarge = 50"+

4 x Medium = 38" - 40"

2 x Medium = 38" - 40"

Price: 12.00 ($14.76) Ex. VAT


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Email Order

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For payment and delivery details.
Price will be as discussed on email previously.

Price: 375.00 ($461.25) Ex. VAT


V-Max 1200 Miscellaneous