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HT Ignition Coil (Replacement)

HT Ignition Coil  (Replacement)


Part Number: 128

HT Ignition Coil Replacement.
80mm Hole spacing , 2 terminal.
Fits all Models 1985 ->2007

Note 1: Genuine Yamaha item price £80.00 approx each

Note 2: There are 4 x coils on the bike, also check plug cap ends for 'melting'/ actually discharging, Please see 'Click on' for example of cracked / discharging coil.

Note 3: Here's a free piece of info!: For those of you that have fitted fan switches or lower water temperature sensors because of 'hot mis-fire problems', then you best check your coils for cracking! (because that is the usual reason your problem occured initially! or likewise plug caps arcing out).

Price: 40.00 ($54.80) Ex. VAT and Handling Fee at 2%= 48.80 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K. and Handling Fee at 2%


Click Here For Cracked Coil

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