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'4-4' Slip-on, Custom Handmade Sidewinders (1200)

'4-4' Slip-on, Custom Handmade Sidewinders (1200)


Part Number: 203H

'4 - 4' Slip-on Handmade Silencers, (with removable 'Road legal' baffles), made from Stainless Steel. These give an immediate increase in power both mid range and top end. Work well with 'jet kits', though no re-jetting needed if using original filter (though always best to check!, as with fitting any pipes), comes with all clamps needed simple to fit.

(=2 x Silencers both sides of the Bike).

It is an advantage to increase the jetting if the detachable 'Road legal' baffles are removed.

Available in:
Polised Stainless Steel: £632.40 ($) -- £758.88 Including VAT at 20%
Stain Black Ceramic Coated: £693.60 ($) -- £832.32 Including VAT at 20%


Polished Stainless Steel
Satin Black

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