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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Telephone: (U.K.) (0044) 024 7644 2054 ---------------------- --------------------------------- Email: ------------------------------ -- Write: Exactrep, 57 Wyken Avenue, Wyken, Coventry, CV2 3BX, England ----

About Us

Our Background
Myself 'H', coming primarily from the automotive design and tooling industry as a Patternmaker / Model maker, 'Exactrep' was formed in 1986 for the development of Prototypes and Tooling for other Manufacturers, though quickly moving onto developing products of our own. Since 1994 have designed & manufactured more body and mechanical parts specifically for the 'V-Max' than most other suppliers could ever dream of.
Exactrep has well over 25 years of Yamaha V-max experience. Based in Coventry, the heart of British engineering skill, (and the only city name to appear on the world's first supersonic car). We utilise much of the same technology to develop and produce many of our own V-Max parts. From the 'mild' to the 'wild' we certainly have the largest range of V-Max accessories in the UK, possibly the world.
When stock items are ordered by credit/debit card (ideally before 1.00pm, Monday - Friday) they are dispatched immediately for next-day delivery in mainland UK, or within a few days worldwide! Alternatively, leave the fitting of the parts you've chosen to us, at very competitive rates. We can also rebuild or renovate your VMax.
We let our customers call us 'the experts'. . . keep one wheel down.

Tuning Experience
From 2-stroke Suzuki GT 500s/750s etc in the mid 70's and whilst working in/for/with various bike shops and tuners in the U.K, drag racing my own self built and tuned 1972 Kawasaki 750 H2 triple 2 stroke (still own now), finishing 5th in the National Street bike Drag racing Final in 1984, running with Carburettors sourced directly from close friends Roz and Norm at the U.S 'Lectron Fuel Systems' facility then in Detroit (now Texas).
Then having the experience of building and tuning at the tracks the Harley XR750 "flat tracker" of John Cooper's whilst crossing the USA in the '81' season with the U.S racing legend Bart Markel.
Having owned my First 'V-Max' (the same '85' model I still ride now) since January 1988, I learnt the rudiments of the bike and its engine whilst 'drag - racing' it. (Best time then in bog standard trim 10.99 sec / 121 mph s/s ¼ mile).
At these venues, track meetings and talking with other V -Max devotees many times and, resulted in February 1992 forming "The V-Max Club UK" The only officially recognised club in the UK and then running as Club Chairman for a further 5 + years, liaising with other clubs worldwide & attending many European Rallies & joining the original US club (VMOA #014) since 92/93 of which I still have close ties, + many friends therein worldwide.

About Us

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