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Oval Slip-on Silencers (pair) (1200)

Oval Slip-on Silencers (pair) (1200)


Part Number: 18L

Available in 300mm or 400mm and either Stainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel or Carbon Fibre

300mm / 400mm in Stainless Steel: £226.44 ($294.37) -- £271.73 Including VAT at 20%
300mm / 400mm in Black Stainless Steel: £244.80 ($318.24) -- £293.76 Including VAT at 20%
300mm / 400mm in Carbon Fibre: £299.88 ($389.84) -- £359.86 Including VAT at 20%

This set includes - Silencers with removable baffles, 2-1 link pipes, clamps, and straps.
No modifications required. (Re-mapping, Power commander, however we always recommend a dyno test after fitting replacement parts to your motorcycle.)
Allows you to keep your centre stand in place.
304 Grade Polished Stainless Steel.
3K Weave Carbon Fibre

They are lighter, higher performance, and more durable exhausts than factory standard systems. They are easier to clean and add a great look to your bike. Can be used with original front dowpipes or either one of our #35 / #35A aftermarket downpipes.

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Special order items only.


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