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'Swingwing' Footpegs (pair)

'Swingwing' Footpegs (pair)


Part Number: 247 K

A convenient fold forward, comfortable cruise peg that fastens in place of your stock peg & provides a secondary fold-out peg 3" forward.

Note: SwingWing Pegs are larger than stock. In passenger applications pegs may not fold up to stored position properly. Motorcycles with passenger peg mounts that angle to the rear also accentuate the non-folding application.

Note: These pegs require the adapters listed above.

Special Order Item

These are also available to fit other Makes of machine, please enquire.

Price: 188.70 ($232.10) Ex. VAT = 226.44 Inc. VAT at 20% if delivered to U.K.


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